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TBM uses a system of gentle muscle testing to discover any imbalances or blockages within the body. The TBM technique finds an area of the body that is not functioning as it should and helps to alleviate the problem by stimulating a point or sequence of points. This triggers the brain into helping the body to restore balance to the nervous and bio-electric system.

What is Total Body Modification (TBM)

Total Body Modification (TBM) is a branch of applied Kinesiology which Marion Finucane has been practising for many years from her clinic in Meath.

The science behind TBM is that everything has its own vibrational electromagnetic frequency, including diseases. TBM discovers energy imbalances and, by making appropriate corrections to the body’s bio-computer, can restore balance within the body’s energy system.

Total Body Modification (TBM) History & Origins

TBM was pioneered by kinesiologist, Dr Robert Riddler, and chiropractors, Dr Victor L Frank and Dr C Harold Havlic, around thirty years ago. Dr Riddler expanded the concepts of applied kinesiology, exploring ways of fully accessing the body’s healing potential. Via touch points, acupuncture and trigger point therapy, the body’s biological computer is tapped into. Dr Riddler shared his findings with Dr Frank and Dr Havlic, inspiring them with the notion that for any disease there is a completely natural cure. These three innovators began to develop a method of total body care which came to be called Total Body Modification.

Total Body Modification (TBM) as an Alternative Therapy

TBM is used to find an organ or area of the body that isn’t working properly, determine the problem and fix it, restoring health and well-being. In a healthy body there is a balance between the nervous system and energy systems. TBM aims to restore that balance. Your body’s electrical system operates on small internal direct currents that reflect the nervous system. Rebalancing your body’s circuits refocuses your healing forces, causing your body to balance and heal itself. Marion Finucane has gained expert knowledge in this specialist area of alternative healing. At her clinic, a mere twenty-minute drive from Dublin, she has successfully treated all manner of ailments and conditions.

Functional physiological malfunctions are signs and symptoms which are your body’s way of telling you that something is not right with it. The practitioner can find the problem using muscle and reflex points testing. The cure consists of stimulating areas of the spine to ‘reprogram’ your body’s internal computer and allow the brain to regain control over the body and restore health. The brain is the control centre of the nervous system. Messages from sensory nerve fibres are processed in the brain which sends messages back to the body via motor fibres, telling it what to do. Depolarization occurs when the neurons in the brain are under sufficient stress. The effect is like that of a blown fuse – the message goes to the brain but nothing is returned, so it loses control over the afflicted body part or organ. Through TBM the brain is stimulated to repolarize and regain control over the body. The body’s nervous system is vital for health and physical functionality. Therefore, TBM can play a role in fixing almost any problem and putting the patient on the road to recovery.

Total Body Modification (TBM) Uses & Treatment

TBM is used to treat chronic fatigue, colds and flu, viruses, lupus, infertility arthritis, diabetes and many other conditions. The following is an outline of how TBM can be used to cure allergies. Dr Frank identifies the main causes of allergy in 80% of people as dehydration, sugar metabolism problems, mercury filling and reaction to bees. The TBM practitioner uses vials for testing. If a test comes up as positive, he will check to see what organ points are involved and make the right spinal corrections before clearing the body’s immunoglobulins both separately and collectively. TBM can result in a vast improvement if not a total elimination of allergic reactions.

TBM is different from other therapies. Instead of focusing on the body structure and function, it corrects the functional physiology and aims to restore optimum health – reducing the need for ongoing structural work. As a powerful healing method, TBM is an inspiration for other methods in the field of energy psychology and energy medicine.

Total Body Modification Practitioner

Serving Dublin and Meath, Marion Finucane has been running her practice for over fifteen years. TBM is an integral part of her holistic approach to healing. As well as being a fully qualified Kinesiologist, she has trained and is fully certified in TBM amongst the other areas of alternative and holistic healing that she specializes in. If you are interested, please call the clinic for more information or make an appointment. You can also book via our online booking form.



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 3 reviews
by Michael Obiren - Portmarnock, Dublin on Kinesiologist Ireland
I cannot recommend her enough

I first went to see Marion 6 weeks ago with my back. I cannot recommend her enough. She approached my treatment from a variety of angles I felt great after each visit and my worry was my back would revert back to its usual ways after a few weeks....but thankfully it hasnt and his improved significantly. My treatment has helped me not only with my back I feel am now approaching my work and life with a fuller happier sense of me which sounds waffly but it really has helped me in ways I didnt realise it was going to....(it will make sense when you go see her)

by Anonymous on Kinesiologist Ireland

I am seeing Marion after my body pretty much giving up on me the last 9 months. Doctors have been uninterested in looking beyond the obvious have only pushed my body too far. Within just 3 sessions with Marion she discovered things stressing my body and through total body modification has been able to gently work on fixing these. It is a great safe gentle way to look for problems and fix them.

by Fiona Shaw - UK on Kinesiologist Ireland
I have never had such incredible or fast results

Before I saw Marion, my body was in a VERY bad state. I was suffering from adrenal exhaustion, and had to rest most of the time. I could no longer work, or even drive a car. I had ZERO energy. It was really quite a scary time for me as I had never been that ill before.

I did 6 sessions with Marion over 4 days. On the second day of treatment I was able to walk about without needing to rest after half an hour. By the 4th day, I was cleaning and hoovering and able to go back to driving my car.

I can't thank Marion enough and recommend her to anyone! I have tried a lot of alternative-type approaches, but have never had such incredible or fast results. She's 100% effective from my experience.